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7 Free Online Math Games For Kids

No matter how old you are, math can be troublesome for any age. For kids, they worry about the next math exam. For adults, they may have trouble with college algebra classes, managing their budget, or helping their kids with math homework. Problems that are meant for children can be difficult.

While there are calculators and apps intended to help adults with their math skills, it’s natural that people want to improve their skills on their own. Youtube can also be a great source of information – but it takes a little searching to find what you need.

For children, you do want to expose them to math early so they won’t have any problems in the future. Apps, games, and other tools can help make learning easy and fun, and today, we’ll look at seven games that can do just math games

First, let’s look at:

Fraction Flags (Ages 7-9)

One of the more difficult parts of math tends to be fractions. Fractions, being part of algebra and life itself, are important, but are hard to master. There are many parts of fractions that are difficult, such as improper fractions and common denominators.But for children, they can learn fractions easily by playing “Fraction Flags.”

What makes this game work is that its education is subtle. Instead of putting fractions in your face, it involves making flags using a certain fraction of colors. This means that children will be fixated making fun designs that they’ll not know that they’re learning. So introduce your children to this game if they’re having trouble with fractions.

BBC School Radio – Maths (Ages 3-11)

When it comes to great learning tools, you cannot go wrong with anything by the BBC. With the School Radio series, children will learn almost any subject that school throws at them. Even their math lessons are easy for children to learn.

They work as audio games, and there are four that you can do, each for a different stage in your child’s life. “Counting Songs” is meant for early preschool children, “Numbertime” is for children up to the first grade, “Megamaths” is for second and third graders, and “Maths Challenge “ is great for fourth and fifth. Each one allows children to play games instead of being exposed to boring lectures, and the reward for playing is good. It includes praise and even achievements.

Being podcasts,your children can do this anywhere, from car drives to bus rides.

Tables Shooter (Ages 5-11)

Multiplication is something that even some adults have problems with, especially if they have to answer them instantly. Thankfully, your children can do just that by playing this game. It’s like an old-school shooter where you’re piloting a World War II-style plane, and you have to shoot the answer to the math problem instantly. They can practice every single times table with this.

Who Wants To Be A Mathionaire? (Ages 10 and Up)

This is an obvious parody of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and it follows the same rules. There are 15 questions, and if you answer them all, you win a million dollars. As with the show, there are three lifelines to choose from, and it’s the same as the show, where you can ask the audience, phone a friend, and cut the answers in half with 50:50.

Like the show, they can stop the game and take whatever amount they’ve won, but if they fail, they win the last amount on the checkpoint.

With the questions being difficult, it’s great for any age, and it includes math and shapes-related questions. This is a great game if you have an older kid who needs to brush up on their skills.

Underwater Counting (Ages 2-5)

This game is good if you want to give your kid a head-start on basic counting. It helps children become accustomed to using the first ten numbers, and it has two difficulties that test your child’s ability to count and use numbers. The premise is that you’re diving for treasure, and players must answer ten questions to get the gold. Easy enough, but it’s challenging for your little one.

Dress UpMaths (Ages 8-12)

This game helps kids calculate the cost of clothing, as the goal is to dress up the character with clothes that contain a certain value. It tests their addition and subtraction skills, as well as their sense of fashion. With ten levels that get harder with each one, it will have your child playing for hours!

One Step Equation (Ages 10-14)

For the kid who’s struggling with basic algebra, this game is for them. It’s a fast-paced game that is much better than looking at a blackboard.

What the player has to do is answer a question involving algebra. Since this a basketball-themed game, after they get the question right, they get a chance to shoot. It tests the player’s aim as they align the cross hairs and try getting the ball in their goal. Since this is a two player game, they can play it with their friends or family, and multiple people can learn algebra!


Learning math does not have to be boring! While teachers go out of their way to make it as boring and confusing as possible, there are many online games out there that can make math fun and the learning experience easy. So if your child is struggling with math, algebra, or even counting, let them play  a game, and soon their skills will improve!

PhoneSheriff Investigator Monitoring with No Jailbreak Required

I’ve had the pleasure of being a Beta tester for PhoneSheriff Investigator, which is the latest monitoring application released by Retina X Software, best known as the maker of the famous Mobile Spy. I’ve decided to share the experience and my opinion of the software in the shape of a review, and answer some of the key questions regarding the application.

Before I go on any further, I have to point out that the application I’m reviewing is the PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition – not to be confused with the regular PhoneSheriff program, which is similar in nature to MobileSpy, and is a mobile phone application, as opposed to the Investigator Edition, which is a PC program, used and made with a completely different purpose in mind. mSpy also have a new version of this kind of no-jailbreak software – worth a look!

What is It Then?

PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition is designed for the monitoring of Apple device, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and so on. It can only be used to monitor Apple devices. One good thing about the PhoneSheriff Investigator is that you install it on your computer, which means you don’t have the jailbreak the target devices in order to monitor them. This eliminates a major issue regarding monitoring applications.

Many users flat out refused to monitor cell phones, tablets or computers, because they found the whole jailbreaking procedure overly complicated. Also, the way kids are with their cell phones today, it can be hard for parents to get a hold of their kids’ phones in order to jailbreak them. Now, it is much easier, thanks to this new software.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is the fact that this is not an application that is to be installed onto a cell phone, but rather a monitoring software which you install onto your laptop or desktop that is Windows. The monitoring of Apple devices is carried out via Apple iCloud service, which requires you to provide the user’s Apple ID and password.


Obviously, you would need a PC or a laptop to which you would install the software. Also, in order for it to be useful, the monitored devices need to be Apple devices only. Even though you can’t monitor phones or tablets using Blackberry or Android, you can track the activity of multiple devices using a single installation of PhoneSheriff Investigator, which saves a lot of money, because you don’t to have purchase a separate copy for each device you need to monitor. You will need:

  • An iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with iOS version ranging from 5.x and up
  • You have to back up the device via Apple iCloud (free sign-up with Apple ID)
  • Apple ID and password of the user is a must
  • A laptop or a desktop running Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (doesn’t support Windows XP)
  • A stable internet connection

When you buy The PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition, there are no more expenses, other than what you pay for it right away. The license lasts a lifetime, with no additional one-time or monthly payments.

Which Devices Can You Monitor with PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition?

Even though it functions in a different way, the PhoneSheriff Investigator can be used in the same way as any other cell phone spy app and monitor the same activities, which include:

  • Text messages, both sent and received, along with logs, as well as the content of the message
  • iMessages – monitor and read all messages sent and received using the iMessage service
  • Call history – in great detail, for every call
  • GPS locations – the latest backups on a dedicated map (limited and not in real time)
  • Any photo that is saved on a device
  • The full list of contacts on the device
  • Safari bookmarks – only works with the Safari browser; browsing history is not available
  • All saved notes
  • The details of every single account saved on the device

Because it functions in a different way than common cell phone spy apps, some of the features and functions usually found on those apps are limited here. You also don’t get real time features which are standard on MobileSpy, FlexiSpy and similar apps, but still, the PhoneSheriff Investigator is very useful in a case you are not able to jailbreak the device you wish to monitor, or if regular spy apps cannot be used. Therefore, this should be viewed as an alternative, when you have exhausted all other options.

How Does it Work?

Even if you are not very tech savvy, the PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition is still easy to use:

  • Sign up the device you wish to monitor to iCloud
  • Purchase and install PhoneSheriff Investigator on your Windows desktop or laptop
  • Sign up or log in with your Apple ID and password
  • Monitor the logs, messages and other data

The program is designed for use with Apple’s own iCloud, which gives 5 GB of free backup and storage space for any Apple device. The only thing you need to do is register and receive a free Apple ID and password, as well as install iCloud service on the target device. It will then sync up with iCloud and backup everything that is sent or received via the device: messages, call, logs, bookmarks and so on.

The majority of Apple users have this already set up, so the only thing you need is their Apple ID. In case you have to install the iCloud, there will be no trace of the software on the target phone. Once iCloud is working, it will sync up once a day with the target device automatically, but you can also sync up at any moment you want, using iCloud. So, just to recap – PhoneSheriff Investigator will access the data backed up on iCloud and give you access to it via your PC. As you may have noticed, the target device and your PC are never directly connected, which makes monitoring untraceable.

However, not everything is perfect, since there are no real-time updates. You will have to wait for the device and iCloud to sync up once a day in order to see the calls and the texts. Also, the GPS locations it shows are the locations where the phone was at when it synced up with the cloud service, and not all places where it was located since the last sync. Another flaw is that it requires Apple ID and password, which can be difficult to get a hold of, which is why this program is ideal for parents who monitor their children.

The Conclusion

After testing PhoneSheriff Investigator over the course of several months, I can say that it works exactly as advertised, which is not surprising, since it was released by Retina X Software, a company with stellar reputation. A very common occurrence in the spy app world is for new companies to disappear after a few months on the market, leaving users stranded and without support, which is why opting to go with a trusted company is so important.

Parents who wish to keep track of their kids’ cell phone activities will find much to like here, since it’s very user friendly, eliminates the issue of jailbreaking, which was the sticking point in the past, and the children are unaware of the fact that they are being monitored. PhoneSheriff Investigator doesn’t have the option of real-time monitoring, but if you are using it monitor your kids, it will do the job. You may not know every single detail of their conversations, but you will get a general idea about the nature of their contacts. Jailbreaking the device and installing a spy app is a more efficient solution, but, if such a possibility doesn’t exist, PhoneSheriff Investigator is good enough, and the two shouldn’t be compared.

On top of all this, PhoneSheriff Investigator is quite affordable, at just $79 for a license that lasts a lifetime, with no additional or hidden charges that you have to pay every month. In case you are not sure it is the right choice for you, you can download a limited Trial version of the software. You won’t be asked to provide your credit card information, but the functionality of the software will limited to showing only the first 10 records of each log during the trial period of 7 days, which more than enough to get acquainted with PhoneSheriff Investigator.


A quick rundown of the features:

  • Only for Apple devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS 5 and above)
  • No need to jailbreak the target device, as the software is installed on a PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or better
  • Installed iCloud on the target device
  • User’s Apple ID and password is required
  • No third party access, just your desktop or a laptop
  • No software is installed on the target device
  • Monitoring of multiple devices from a single PC
  • You pay only when you purchase the license – no additional costs

Check it out and see what you think! Thanks for reading.

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Is it just me, or is YouTube getting worse? As if the fact that most of the content consists of cat videos, or stupid social network fads people try to imitate over and over, wasn’t enough, lately it’s been laced with ads like the punch at a graduation party. Seriously, I know Google makes a ton of money from YouTube ads, so why make us watch them before every video? That is, if you can find the video you are looking for, because YouTube search leaves a lot be desired.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not some sort of hate campaign aimed at YouTube. In fact, I rely on YouTube a lot, both in my personal and professional life, and that’s why I’m so annoyed by it.Youtube alternatives

So, I decided to see if there are any worthwhile alternatives to YouTube. I didn’t expect any of them to match the third most visited website in the world, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless. Monopoly is never a good thing, because it breeds laziness. YouTube gets lazy, and then you get stuff like ads, which would never fly if the users cared more, which they don’t, because they’re lazy, too. But, enough ranting for the time being. Here’s my list of the most interesting YouTube alternatives which everyone should try out.


Now, I’m not going to pretend to be objective: I absolutely love Vimeo, and spend some time every day enjoying its high -quality content. Its approach is a bit different to that of YouTube, because it mainly focuses on providing high-quality, high-definition content created by filmmakers and videographers, who want to showcase their work in front of a large audience.

Its interface is clean and simple, and video quality is even better than YouTube’s. There is a limit as to how much you can upload per week, and right now it’s 500 megabytes, but that can be expanded to 2 gigabytes if you choose to upgrade. Even though you might think you can find the same stuff on YouTube, you’d be wrong, because Vimeo has a lot of content that can only be found there.


YouTube’s French cousin, Dailymotion is probably the most similar to YouTube out of all the video-sharing websites out there, both in terms of looks, and the kind of content it posts. Again, it’s not as huge as YouTube, but it still manages to grab the attention of many viewers. It allows you to upload videos that take up no more than 150 megabytes, or twenty minutes in length. As is the case with Vimeo, you can find some stuff here that’s not on YouTube, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Flickr Video

I was about the name this one “the little video site that could”, but then I realized it’s owned by Yahoo! Those of you who are into photography are more than familiar with Flickr, because it’s one of the best places for you to share your photographic work, but what you may not have known is that you can share video via Flickr as well. The length of videos you can upload is limited to 90 seconds, and while it’s nowhere near YouTube in terms of content volume, your work will be seen by the people who are not there by accident, and who will truly appreciate it.

Just a few to give you a sample of what is available. Give them a try – they are all growing fast and you never know, you might like them!